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Filth, heartbreak, and rocketships - based on the song 'I Can Tell' by Andre Williams and The Sadies.

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The trials of a hapless but dedicated family man in the '50s.


I procrastinate. A lot. But it's usually with little projects like these stuffs.


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November 21, 2014

Bad Metal:

Land of the Dead: Landscape


A bit of concept artĀ for Satan’s realm, influenced by the abstraction of Yellow Submarine but filtered through, y’know, sex and violence and stuff. Also: Blacklight posters forever.

November 21, 2014

Bad Metal:

Land of the Living: Neighbourhood


This is where the gang spends most of their time (while amongst the living) – Vince’s parents’ house, specifically in and around the garage.

Please note the rubbery grass, somewhat abstracted greenery, and bands of colour tones that break up what would otherwise be flat expanses of colour.

November 15, 2014


Character Design Style Variations

Rachel_A Rachel_B Rachel_C

While I was playing around with the Jem redesigns last year, I came up with a few different looks and put them through their paces.

November 15, 2014


Jem ReDesign


Last year I took a stab at a little redesign of everybody’s favourite hologram-assisted superstar.

November 15, 2014


Full-Throttle Girly Cartoons

Becky_B Lana_B

Those girls from my girly poster experiment demanded that they beĀ turned into cartoons.

October 27, 2014


War – Style and Theme Test




A little test to flex some style muscles I haven’t used in a while.
War: bad.

July 20, 2013

Bad Metal:

Satan Expression Test


Satan: The root of all evil.

This guy loves his job as ruler of the underworld.

The next time you lose your keys right before a big job interview, or get suddenly insanely hungry ten minutes after all the restaurants in your neighbourhood close for the night, you can bet he’s behind the scenes making your life suck poops.

June 12, 2013


Tandars – Redesigned Parents


More stuff from the commercial I’m reworking.

Here we have the parents, all decked out for a little family hike.

Dad looks like he’s got an entire collection of camping gear in those cargo pockets, and mom’s sporting a nice pair of sturdy hiking legs.

All set for a day of mosquito bites and getting lost in the woods!

June 9, 2013


Tandars – Redesigned Kids


Kid designs for a commercial I’m revamping.

They’re on a little hike in the jungle, hence her practical-but-pretty little pink mountain climbing boots.

The little dude’ll probably step on something sharp in his inappropriate-for-hiking sneakers and have to be left behind for the jungle creatures to devour / raise as their own.

June 6, 2013

I Can Tell:

I Can Tell – Clip #1: “Flirting”

So, this is kind of a big deal: a portion of the film is DONE.

After much deliberation over clean-up techniques and learning new software to ‘paint’ the backgrounds here we have a glimpse of what’s to come.

In this clip, Andre meets the agent of his undoing.

Oh: I’ve designed this film to look good on big HD displays, so make that puppy full-screen when you watch it.