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I procrastinate. A lot. But it's usually with little projects like these stuffs.


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July 20, 2013

Bad Metal:

Satan Expression Test


Satan: The root of all evil.

This guy loves his job as ruler of the underworld.

The next time you lose your keys right before a big job interview, or get suddenly insanely hungry ten minutes after all the restaurants in your neighbourhood close for the night, you can bet he’s behind the scenes making your life suck.

June 12, 2013


Tandars – Redesigned Parents


More stuff from the commercial I’m reworking.

Here we have the parents, all decked out for a little family hike.

Dad looks like he’s got an entire collection of camping gear in those cargo pockets, and mom’s sporting a nice pair of sturdy hiking legs.

All set for a day of mosquito bites and getting lost in the woods!

June 9, 2013


Tandars – Redesigned Kids


Kid designs for a commercial I’m revamping.

They’re on a little hike in the jungle, hence her practical-but-pretty little pink mountain climbing boots.

The little dude’ll probably step on something sharp in his inappropriate-for-hiking sneakers and have to be left behind for the jungle creatures to devour / raise as their own.

June 6, 2013

I Can Tell:

I Can Tell – Clip #1: “Flirting”

So, this is kind of a big deal: a portion of the film is DONE.

After much deliberation over clean-up techniques and learning new software to ‘paint’ the backgrounds here we have a glimpse of what’s to come.

In this clip, Andre meets the agent of his undoing.

Oh: I’ve designed this film to look good on big HD displays, so make that puppy full-screen when you watch it.

June 6, 2013

I Can Tell:

Background Painting – sc05-06-B


The last background painting from my recent burst of productivity.

This is based on a real spot in Houston, TX, but I added the BBQ signage to punch it up a bit.

This is another big one, so click that sucka to see it in all of its glory.

June 6, 2013

I Can Tell:

Background Painting – sc08-15


Another background.

The design of the bar’s signage is loosely based on the sign outside the (now shuttered) bar where I first saw Andre and The Sadies play: Toronto’s legendary after-hours (the only one I’ve ever heard of to feature live bands), The Matador.

As usual, clicky-clicky to see it bigger.

June 6, 2013

I Can Tell:

Background Painting – sc05-01


Okay, so, remember a while ago when I said “I’ve been roughing-in a bunch of backgrounds but they’re too ugly to show you”?

Well here’s one that I took from a bunch of ugly, loose scratches and turned into a finished (digital) painting.

Click on it to see it nice and big-like.

March 31, 2013



I’ve been working away on the rough animation for my cartoon I Can Tell, and the closer I get to finishing the more I think about the next phases: doing clean-up and illustrating backgrounds.

So while taking a little breather this week, I taught myself some new software and made this little thing along the way: Spacewinkle.

November 12, 2012

Bad Metal:

Lee Expression Test

Lee knows more about metal than you do.

In fact, she probably knows more about everything than you do.

… and she can kick your ass.

November 12, 2012

Bad Metal:

Lee Expression Test – Breakdown

Lee is hardcore as hell. Vince and Leski think of themselves as supremely bad-ass, but Lee trumps them on all fronts. She hangs out with them anyway because she finds their posturing pretty entertaining and endearing.